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Based in San Diego, CA

Release date:
January 2015



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Paperbound is Smash Bros on crack. Be a gravity ninja as you battle your friends inside old storybooks. Run up walls and on ceilings, and then invert your gravity for a surprise attack. It's chaotic yet strategic. Sometimes, it's madness. Sometimes, it's a cat-and-mouse game. You'll laugh. You'll swear at your friends. You'll want to play another round. In Paperbound, you play as stick men and other characters who come to life via magic dust. Inside Journey to the Center of the Earth, you discover the ability to have your gravity adapt to any curved surface as you run along it. What better way to test this newfound ability than combat?



  • Free-form environments. Go anywhere! Up! Down! Sideways!.
  • Four-player competitive multiplayer. Inception meets Smash Bros.
  • Play as stick men or characters from ancient books
  • Multiple game modes such as Versus, Soccer, and Team Versus
  • Battle inside 5 books: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Cleopatra, Myth of the Ninja, Skull Kingdom, and Inferno di Dante
  • Three weapons that all interact with each other. Reflect scissors and with swords. Detonate ink bombs with scissors, and more.


BiBubble Map Playtesting YouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist - Seattle Indie Game Competition" Seattle, WA
  • "Indie Prize Showcase Selection" Amsterdam

    Selected Articles

    • "We're probably running over time, but let's just have another game because this is good."
      - Danny O'Dwyer, gamespot.com
    • "We got up close and personal with the game at PAX East 2014, and it was so much fun, we had to double back to get a second go-round with the game."
      - Nick Harley, denofgeek.us
    • "Paperbound is a new and inventive local multiplayer fighting game"
      - Ethan V, gamnesia.com
    • "We think this game is going to be the digital-only sleeper hit of 2014."
      - John Saavedra, Den of Geek
    • "It’s a gorgeous and fast-paced game"
      - Ben Barrett, rockpapershotgun.com
    • "Smash Bros. on crack"
      - Dave Cook, vg247.com
    • ""While already fun to play and incredibly addicting, Dan Holbert ofDissident Logic told me that he is planning to add a few dozen more levels to the game, making for a surefire dorm-room hit""
      - Dan Shay, The Horn
    • ""One of the most unique and hard-to-put down games I’ve ever played""
      - Mariah Beckman, Gizorama

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      About Dissident Logic

      A game studio dedicated to thinking differently and creating new experiences which are awesome enough that people are willing to pay for them. Dissident Logic was founded by Daniel Holbert, who had an awesome run as an engine programmer for High Moon Studios for six years. But AAA development could neither satisfy nor contain his creative impulses, and Dissident Logic was formed.

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      Paperbound Credits

      Dan Holbert
      Programming, Design

      Mike Smith
      Character Art

      Josh Sorenson
      Environment Art

      Lacey Frazier
      Environment Art

      Chris White, White Noise Wave
      Music and Sound

      Jose Emroca Flores
      Environment Art

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