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Playing Paperbound Online!

The number one complaint about Paperbound is the lack of online multiplayer. Steam just solved that. The new Steam Remote Play Together feature allows you to invite anyone on your friends list to play with a gamepad as if they were connected to your PC. And the best thing is that anyone you invite to your game doesn't even have to own it or install it!

If you're curious how it works, the basic idea is that you host a game by running it locally (you must own the game). Anyone you invite will send their gamepad inputs to your machine as if their gamepad is connected to your PC. You will then run a frame and send the video back to their machine over the internet. It's basically cloud gaming where you are the cloud. Valve posted more info here:

To support this, I've created a Discord channel specifically for finding people who want to play online together. Hop in the Discord and find people to add to your friends list so you can play together...whether it's campaign mode or head-to-head competition. You can access it with the link below. You might even see me hanging out in there.

In case you prefer to play on PlayStation 4, it actually has basically the same thing! On PlayStation, it's called Share Play, and you can read all about it here:

To celebrate the new super cool Steam tech, Paperbound is on sale for 50% off as a Steam week-long deal, Dec 9 -16!

That's all for now. I'll have updates on a new game prototype soon!



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